GO WILD! Guide for Naturalistic Planting Design


piet 22

Biodiversity and sustainability are becoming increasingly more important and there’s a major role for them in this new way of planting. So let’s name this new way of planting; the Natural garden. (or what ever you like to name it) comparing the Natural Garden to the tradional way it’s diffirent in the way we arrange the plants and we have to look at other ways to the beauty of it. We no longer only look at the flowers and their color but more to how it looks without because the flowers are present at a short period, so the foliage is as important. Also the afterlive of a flower becomes more important, like for example, how the seedbuds and fruits are peforming. The shape of flowers becomes also much more important.


Planting design the traditional way makes color the most important property of a plant, in the naturalistic way…

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